Date: 2017. Oct 24. (Tue), 9:00
Title: Liu X. et al: In Situ Capture of Chromatin Interactions by Biotinylated dCas9. (2017) Cell 170(5) 1028-1043. e19. doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2017.08.003.
Lecturer: Szabó Anikó
Category: Journal Club
Location: 326, Biochemistry Board-Room

Plant Biology

Date: 2017. Oct 24. (Tue), 10:00
Title: Lignin deposition and synthesis related to lodging resistance in barley and Photosynthetic activity and fructan accumulation in barley
Lecturer: Lidija Begović
Category: Seminar
Location: 310, Plant Biology Board-Room


Date: 2017. Oct 25. (Wed), 9:00
Title: Li Qiuzhen
Takahashi D et al. Expression and purification of human FANCI and FANCD2 using Escherichia coli cells Protein Expression and Purification, 103, 8, 2014

Emőke Hompoth
Kim JJ et al. The utility of maternal depression screening in the third trimester American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 199, 509.e1, 2008
Category: Journal Club
Location: 338, Biophysics Board-room